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Move-Out Procedures


  In order to receive a full refund of your security deposit, you must follow all of these procedures. 

Fulfill the complete term of your current lease contract.

Give a 30-day, written notice on our prepared form to our office no later than the 1st of the month you intend to move out. Using our form will ensure that the notice was received and that it was approved. 

Pay all rent and other charges through the end of the month you are moving out. Rent is not pro-rated upon move out.

Remove all of your personal belongings from the property and follow all of the cleaning instructions provided on this notice. Any items left in the property will be considered trash and thrown away at your expense. We are not responsible for any items left inside or outside the property. You may not occupy the property once the inspection is complete. 

If you would like to schedule a move-out appointment, call our office at (254) 699-7003 (not required). We do not do pre-move-out inspections. Your inspection will be conducted Monday-Friday, between 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Inspections are not conducted on weekends. Your inspection day will be the last day you occupy the property. A re-inspection fee will be charged if you are not ready during the scheduled appointment. (Para #24 explains the re-inspection fee in detail.) Appointments are not mandatory.

All utilities (water, gas, and electricity) must be on for five (5) business days following the date you turn in keys, not including Sat/Sun and holidays. If utilities are not on, the inspection will be rescheduled. You will be charged for the utilities to be re-connected ($50 water & $100 electricity) and a re-inspection fee. All applicable utilities MUST be active to conduct the move-out inspection. If utilities have to be re-connected to complete inspection, conduct repairs, or cleaning, then tenant will be charged for utility connection fees and usage charges.

Provide our office with a complete forwarding address, in writing. Refund checks will not be processed without a forwarding address. It is your responsibility to have your mail forwarded to your new address with the U.S. Post Office. 

Return all keys, including the mailbox key and any garage door openers, alarm remotes, or ceiling fan remotes to our office.There will be a $25 charge for keys not returned.


Cleaning Requirements for a Successful Move-Out Inspection

1. Refrigerator:Defrost and thoroughly clean all surfaces (inside, top, sides, back and underneath). Clean both sides of all racks, drawers (remove & clean underneath) and the drain pan. Be careful when pulling the refrigerator out, it will have wheels, but can tear the floor. Leave any ice trays/bins provided when you moved in. Turn the refrigerator off, unplug, and leave the doors open to prevent mildew.

2. Vent Hood: Clean all surfaces to remove grease, food & any burned particles. Remove, clean and re-install the filter. If the charcoal filter cannot be cleaned, replace with new. Built-in microwaves will need to be cleaned underneath, this is where you will find the vent filter.

3. Range/Stove: Clean all surfaces to remove grease, food & any burned particles. Thoroughly clean the inside, top, sides, burners, knobs (removable on most models), broiler/drawer and oven racks. You will need to lift up the burner top to properly clean the underneath of the burners/sides. DO NOT use oven cleaner on the outside of the stove, the chemicals will remove the paint. If you use an oven cleaner, make sure you rinse it off completely; white residue left is not acceptable. We also recommend you use newspapers to line the floor and under the stove  to prevent the floor from being damaged by the chemicals. DO NOT use any oven cleaner on self-cleaning ovens. All drip pans must be replaced with new ones. Please pull stove away from wall before inspection.

4. Dishwasher: Run through entire cycle first. Remove debris and wipe inside surfaces. Pay special attention to the inside lip of the dishwasher and the outside trim/knobs. Clean and polish the front panel.

5. Sinks: Scrub & clean sinks with appropriate cleaner. Clean garbage disposal gasket, run a cycle to clear out any debris left in disposal. Sink drain covers or strainers need to be left in sink and cleaned. Polish faucet set. Make sure to clean the sprayer (if applicable), this might require a cleaner to remove hard water build up. 

6. Cabinets & Drawers: Remove all food particles and items. Wash all the shelves and interior surfaces to include the countertops and cabinet fronts. Remove any shelf liner or bug traps inside the cabinets/drawers. Polish all exterior wood cabinetry.

7. Bathtub/Shower: Thoroughly clean shower surround, tub/shower surround, inside/outside tub from any soap scum/mildew. Polish the faucets & drains. Tub stopper should be cleaned and left in the tub.

8. Toilet: Clean and disinfect all surfaces from floor to top, to include underneath seat rim. If toilet seat underneath is stained, replace.

9. Mirror: Clean with glass cleaner, remove all streaks.

10. Medicine Cabinet & Other Bathroom Fixtures: Clean the towel racks, toilet paper holder and any other fixture. The medicine cabinet should be cleaned inside/outside. 

11. Floors: Appropriately sweep or mop; make sure cleaned and disinfected.

12. Carpets: Vacuum floors. A professional carpet cleaning company must clean all carpets. If cleaning is not sufficient; dirt, stains, odor, hair, pet urine odor or any debris remains, the tenant will be charged for additional carpet cleaning by a carpet technician deemed qualified by Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. You must provide a receipt from the company that cleaned your carpet on the day you turn in keys. Providing a receipt does not guarantee you passed the carpet cleaning. If you choose to schedule a move-out inspection, carpets must be cleaned 24 hours prior to appointment date. Rented carpet cleaning machines will not be accepted or any handwritten receipts. If you had a pet at any time, the carpets must be pet deodorized by the carpet company and include pet enzyme. (We highly recommend you choose one of the vendors listed below.)

13. Walls: Clean all walls; around light switches, along door moldings, and the baseboards. Remove nails and do not fill holes. Excessive or large holes will incur a charge to repair them. If you smoke, wash all walls.

14. Closets: Remove all items and clean shelves. Do not leave any hangers. Clean walls and floor.

15. Windows: Clean the inside/outside of 1st floor windows and inside of any 2nd level windows. Screens must be cleaned also.

16. Mini-Blinds/Screens: Spray the mini-blinds with cleaner and wash in bathtub. If they are greasy or stained from nicotine and cannot be cleaned, you will need to replace them. If the slats are bent/broken from your occupancy, you will need to replace them. Screens that are cut/broken/bent from your occupancy will be charged to you.

17. Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans: Remove the globe and clean to remove dirt, dust, grease and any bugs, then reattach. Replace any missing or burnt out bulbs. All light fixtures (inside & outside) must have working bulbs (60w). Make sure ceiling fan blades are cleaned, top and bottom.

18. Smoke Detectors: Provide a new 9-volt battery (keep in package) for each smoke detector. Place on counter.

19. A/C Filter: Replace the A/C Filter with a new one. Clean the return vents from any dust build-up.

20. Patios/Walk-ways & Garages: Remove all items and sweep floor. Place grease absorbent on any grease spills in the garage or on the driveway. Any grease/spills that are left will be removed at the tenant’s expense. Vehicles left will be towed at your expense.

21. Lawn: Grass must be recently cut and weeded, to include edging/weed eating under porches and flowerbeds. Bushes/Shrubs to be trimmed back neatly. All trash must be picked up from around the property. If you had/have a pet, all droppings must be picked up.

22. Pest Control: You are required to have the property professionally sprayed for fleas upon move out if you had or have a pet. If a receipt is not provided, we will have this service completed at your expense. Carpets must be cleaned before this treatment is conducted.  (Note: receipts for treatment will not be accepted after you have turned in the keys)

23. Fireplace: Must have all ash removed and cleaned. The screen should be free of dust build-up, glass doors should be streak free.

24. Re-Inspection Fee: You will be charged a re-inspection fee if you fail any part of the inspection that requires a contractor/vendor to come out to perform a service you were responsible for; if you are not ready at the time of your scheduled inspection or if utilities are not on at the time of the inspection, which would require the inspectors to return to the property at a later date.

Vendor List:

Carpet Cleaning:
Technique Carpets (254) 690-1444
Centex Cleaning (254) 953-1524
Pest Control: 
Ameritech Pest Control (254) 526-6631 
Killeen Pest Control (254) 634-2646
General Cleaning: 
Anna Oatis (254) 291-9311 
Seema (254) 466-2470
Tidy Touch (254) 813-3025 

Marion (254) 458-3354
Magic Touch (787) 415-9546
Lawn Care: 
"Thank You" Lawn Care (254) 690-2291