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Submit An Application

Please read the pages below before launching the rental application:
STEP 1:  Read the Rental Application Policy
STEP 2:  Read Our Privacy Policy
STEP 4: 


In order to run your application, we need proof of the income you've received in the last 30 days 
(pay-stubs, full LES in PDF form, a statement for monthly retirement income, social security benefits statement, etc.) 
Please be sure to email the address of the property you're applying for AND your proof of income to our Leasing Agent, Brenda Sellers, at immediately after completing your application. (You must make 3 times the rental amount, NET Pay). During the application process, do not worry about inputting the address you are applying for in the address field. Please include it in the email being submitted to Brenda Sellers. 
STEP 5:  Pay Application Fee You must enter Lone Star Realty as the Property Information with Rent Payment.
                                Please note: Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE                                                                                         
STEP 6:  If necessary, read our Animal Policy
STEP 7:  After your application has been approved, to pay your deposit, click here