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Company Policies and Procedures

PEST CONTROL: We will make sure when you move in that you do not have any pest problems. Thereafter, we require tenants to handle basic pest control problems. You may contact a local pest control company to treat your home as appropriate.
PETS: Many of our properties are pet friendly, which means you can have an animal in your home. But, not all properties allow pets, so check with our office to see if pets are accepted. You are not permitted to have any animals in your home OR on your property (this includes your yard and driveway), unless you have signed a pet addendum and paid a pet deposit. If you illegally bring an animal in your home, regardless of who owns it or how long it has been there, you will be violation of your lease and will be fined a $100 pet fee plus $10 daily fine until the animal is removed. There are four breeds we do not allow under any circumstances: Dobermans, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, and Chows. We require a $300 pet deposit, per pet. Additional special provisions for pets are at move-out you must: (1) get your carpets professionally cleaned and include a pet enzyme and deodorizer and (2) the interior and exterior of your property must be sprayed for fleas (a receipt is required for both transactions).
MILITARY CLAUSE: Your lease does comply with the U.S. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which allows soldiers to terminate their lease early. You must provide our office with a copy of your military orders and submit a written 30-day notice to move out. You may not terminate the lease to move into on-post housing at Fort Hood or move locally within 30 miles of your home.
ROOMMATES: We do not allow roommates without the property owner's approval. Any unmarried individuals would be considered roommates. When roommates are permitted, each adult must sign the lease and pay a full security deposit. We do not permit subletting to roommates.
LOST OR MISSING KEYS: If you lose your key, you may come to our office during normal business hours and pick up our key to make a new duplicate at your expense. If you need a key when we are closed, you will need to contact and pay for a locksmith to open your door and make a new key for you.
LAWNCARE: Your lease will determine whether you are responsible for the upkeep of the yard or if we provide that service to you. Most houses are tenant responsibility. If you are responsible for lawncare, we expect that you water the grass and shrubs to keep it alive and to keep it cut and edged as necessary to keep the appearance looking good.
LEASE RENEWALS: You will receive a lease renewal letter in the mail prior to the end date on your lease. Your renewal letter will offer you several options for a new term: one (1) year, six (6) month, or month-to-month. The rent rate will depend on the renewal term you choose. Should you desire not to renew your lease, you must submit your 30-day move out notice.
SEMI-ANNUAL INSPECTIONS: One of our property inspectors will conduct an inspection of your home every six (6) months. You do not have to be present at the inspection since the inspector will bring a key with them. Please provide your professional carpet cleaning receipt to the inspector. Smoke detectors must be operational. The A/C closet must be accessible to inspectors and must have a new A/C filter. IMPORTANT: Do not lock your keyless deadbolts. If we are not able to enter the unit, you will be charged a $50 re-inspection fee.
TYPICAL LEASE VIOLATIONS: If you want to remain in good standing during your occupancy, please ensure you abide by all of your lease provisions. Here are the most common problems that are in violation of your lease:
  • UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPANTS: Anyone living in your residence that is not on your lease is a violation of your lease.
  • UNAUTHORIZED ANIMALS: An animal inside your residence or in an enclosed yard is a violation of your lease, unless you have a pet addendum already in place. Even temporarily allowing an animal in your property, regardless of the length of time or who it belongs to, is a violation of your lease.
  • PARKING IMPROPERLY: No vehicles are permitted to park on the lawn or grass area. Please ensure your vehicles are current on registration and not inoperable.
SECURITY DEPOSITS: Your security deposit must remain in place during your entire lease term. Once you have moved out and your final inspection is complete, we will refund your security deposit less any deductions for cleaning, damages, or other charges owed. The refund and accounting will be mailed within 30 days to the forwarding address you have provided.