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Advantages of Using Us


We know you have a choice when choosing a property management company, but by providing our property owners with several key services, we can make the decision easier for you. Here are the Key Advantages of Our Services:

1.  WE'VE BEEN AROUND FOR OVER 45 YEARS: Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. has been serving the local community since 1969. We have a solid reputation of providing excellent customer service, with a special emphasis helping soldiers with their housing needs. We’ve earned the respect of many of the local leaders in the community and on Fort Hood.

2.  WE EMPLOY CUTTING EDGE MARKETING STRATEGIES: By implementing the newest and most innovative advertising media, our properties stand out above the others in a very complex marketing arena. We are using the social media to attract the younger generation of tenants, but still use the traditional media to grab the interest of our seasoned residents.

3.  OUR ADVERTISING IS FREE: We do not charge any additional marketing fees to our property owners. Regardless of what media or resources we use, the cost is ours, not yours.

4.  WE INSPECT PROPERTIES DURING OCCUPANCY: Maintaining our properties is a priority for us. We want to stay ahead of the potential damages a tenant may cause, so we conduct semi-annual inspections for all properties. Some of our competitors only inspect at move-out, which is too late many times, since the property can have extensive damages by then. Conducting routine inspections allows us to identify problems early, take corrective action, and help reduce the overall extent of damages.

5.  MULTIPLE PAYMENTS METHODS ACCEPTED: Collecting rent on time is another important task for us. By providing our tenants with the ability to pay by check or credit card, either at the office or online, makes paying on time easier. This convenience service to tenants ultimately keeps our owner payments timely, as well.

6.  e-LEASING: Our rental application and lease can all be completed electronically. We routinely have prospective tenants apply for our properties before they even arrive in the area. Our website makes the online application process easy and efficient. Once approved, our lease can also be executed by the e-signature lease. Thus, we have the ability to PRE-lease properties before the tenant even gets here.

7.  OWNER PAYMENTS BY DIRECT DEPOSIT: The most efficient and fastest method of payment is through the electronic direct deposit to your bank account. We process our owner payments no later than the 7th of the month, so you get paid as soon as possible.

8.  ACCOUNTING STATEMENTS ONLINE: Once we pay owners, our monthly accounting statement is online for you to access. We send an email (if requested) to each owner with the link to our online statements website. You can quickly and securely review your account to see what income and expenses occurred for your property. Plus, property owners have private access to management resources through our website.

9.  WE'RE INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY: Our company and staff actively participate in the local area community's business related organizations. For example, we have served as leaders with the Fort Hood Area Association of Realtors, the Apartment Association of Central Texas, and the Killeen Noon Lion Club.


10.  WE PROUDLY SUPPORT SOLDIERS & THEIR FAMILIES: Most of our tenants and property owners have a connection to the military, either as a soldier or a dependent. We know moving can be stressful, so we try to make the transition into their new home as convenient as possible. By offering E-leasing, virtual  tours, utility connection assistance, and a complete understanding of the military moving process, we help our military families get settled quickly and with ease. We've been holding down the FORT for forty-five years!