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Management Services


Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. has served the local community for 45 years. We have a solid reputation and we strive to be a loyal, trustworthy, and a professional management company for all of our property owners. We offer full management services to make sure our owner's properties attain a high-occupancy rate at market rental values and are maintained to quality standards. Our services include the following:

AGGRESSIVE MARKETING: When a property is vacant, we want to get it rented as soon as possible. To do so, we pay to advertise the property with numerous media, to include Fort Hood housing and multiple online resources. In today’s technological society, we understand that the most responsive format of marketing is through the internet, so most of our marketing costs are spent in this media. We use over 20 different websites to maximize the online visibility of each property, complete with data, photos, virtual tours, and descriptions. Thus our goal to quickly rent each property can be achieved in challenging market conditions.

VIRTUAL TOURS: A unique service we provide for all rental properties is the Visual Tour.  Potential tenants can view each room with scrolling panoramic pictures, giving the viewer a much better perspective, especially for our many deployed military families that often rent properties sight unseen. The feedback and response from the Visual Tours has been tremendous and we believe has increased our marketability of each property.

THOROUGH TENANT SCREENING: In our efforts to provide you with quality tenants, all are screened: credit history; national criminal record; sex-offender status; previous evictions; income and identity verification, prior to approval. 

PROFESSIONAL & MILITARY-SUPPORTIVE STAFF: Our large property management staff is licensed and trained, plus have many years of experience in this field. Most of our staff is either a former military member, a spouse of active duty soldier, or lived in the Fort Hood area for many years dealing with our military families. Regardless of a person’s military status, we try to treat all of our residents with good customer service skills in dealing with the myriad of tenant issues.

DIRECT DEPOSIT FOR OWNERS: Owners have the option to receive timely disbursements electronically into their bank accounts, via our professional management software program.

ONLINE STATEMENTS: Once funds are disbursed each month, we email our owners a notification that their financial statement is ready for online review. Each owner is assigned a login and password to access their property’s statement through our secure website. The statement will show all of the income and any expenses for that month. Statements are archived for future reference.

PROFESSIONAL INDUSTRY STANDARD LEASE: As members of the Texas Apartment Association (TAA), we use their top-notch, detailed lease for our tenants. This lease, along with the multiple addendums available, provides the responsibilities of both the tenant and landlord (owner) in all aspects of managing a property. We show a mandatory, 22-minute video to each of our new tenants, prior to signing the lease. Click here to view the streaming video of the leaseAdditionally, we can execute the lease electronically, as an additional service to those who want to rent the property before they even arrive in the area.  

QUALITY & AFFORDABLE MAINTENANCE: To keep the property in a good condition, we will coordinate for all necessary health and safety repairs and cosmetic-type repairs must be approved by the owner. All repairs and routine maintenance is performed by professional companies who provide us with excellent service at very competitive rates. Lone Star Realty does not add any additional fees for any of our maintenance coordination services.

ROUTINE INSPECTIONS: We conduct semi-annual inspections to make sure the tenant is properly maintaining the property and to identify any routine maintenance. If a problem is found during an inspection, we immediately start the process to resolve the issue. We require residents to promptly pay for any damages incurred.

COMPETITIVE MANAGEMENT FEES: We charge a 10% management fee for all collected rent. If a property is vacant, no fee is charged. This fee is deducted from the rent each month, with the balance of the funds in the account sent to the owner. We also charge a $95 leasing fee for new leases executed.  We do not charge any other fees, such as renewal fees, maintenance upcharge or service fees, advertising fees, technology fees, etc.

TENANT NON-COMPLIANCE: If a tenant violates the lease due to non payment of rent, unauthorized occupants or pets, high grass, or excessive damages, we will take the corrective actions, per the lease agreement. If tenant remains in default due to unpaid rent, we will represent you in court.